At Quinta das Vinhas we are committed to giving our guests a memorable experience. Our dedicated team works with smiles, ensuring our guests are well cared for.

Quinta das Vinhas was born from our wish to preserve family heritage, and to let others experience staying in a Madeira farmhouse. 

So in 1997 we completed the restoration of the Main House, and received our first guests. The cottages were then built to provide larger rooms for guests who stay for longer visits. 

Later on, another cottage was restored an the building at the top of the vineyard was converted into a restaurant where you can have dinner and sample a large selection of table wines produced on the island, while enjoying the view of the vineyard all the way down to the sea.

For many years the land was leased to the Madeira Wine Institute for an experimental vineyard. Thanks to their work we now have a unique living library with over 70 different grape varieties both for winemaking and for eating. Since 2018, Quinta das Vinhas has been managing the vineyard and converting it to organic, following biodynamic principles. 

Quinta das Vinhas has a strong commitment to preserving the island's heritage whilst upholding a strong environmental policy.